Modular Wayfinding Sign Systems
Leader View
Leader View-Wall frames-Landscape
Leader View-Wall frames-Portrait
Leader View- Directory - Landscape
Leader View- Directory - Portrait
Leader View- Suspended DS - Landscape
Leader View- Suspended DS -Portrait
Leader View- Projecting Flag - Landscape
Leader View- Projecting Flag - Portrait
Leader view- Table stand - Landscape
Leader View- Table Stand - Portrait
Leader Edge
Leader Edge – Economy Wall Frames
Leader Edge – Uniform Wall Frames
Leader Edge-Directory Large Frames
Leader Edge-Suspended Frames
Leader Edge-Projecting Flags-Landscape
Leader Edge-Projecting Flags-Portrait
Leader Edge – Table Stands
Leader Frame
Leader Frame – Wall mounted
Leader Frame – Directory Frames
Leader Frame – suspended signs
Leader Frame – Projecting flags
Leader Prestige
Leader Prestige – Wall Frames – Landscape
Leader Prestige – Wall Frames – Portrait
Leader Prestige – Suspended DS – Landscape
Leader Prestige – Projecting Flag-Landscape
Leader Prestige – Projecting Flag – Portrait
Leader Prestige – Table stands – Landscape
Leader Prestige – Table stands – Portrait
Leader Director
Leader Director – Wall Frames -Single Sided
Leader Director – Suspended -Double Sided-Landscape
Leader Director – Suspended -Double Sided-Portrait
Leader Director – Projecting Flags
Leader Urban
Leader Urban – Exterior Wayfinding
Directional Pylon Signs
Radius Totem
Trio Totem
Leader Urban – Exterior Wayfinding
Textile Frames
FLS – 28 Textile Frame – single sided 28mm deep
FLS – 55 Textile LightBox Frame
FLS – 85 Textile LightBox Frame
FLS – 90 Textile LightBox Frame
Flat Faced Light boxes
Curved faced light boxes
Radius Light
Radius Light – Single Sided
Radius Light – Double Sided
Radius Totem
Trio – Single Sided
Trio – Double Sided
Trio Totem
Snap Poster Display
Radius Snap Light
Radius Snap Slim
Easy Frame
FastFlex Tensioning systems
FastFlex FTLB 130
FastFlex FTLB 190
Poster Display Floor Stands
Brochure Stands
Lectern Podiums
Lectern Podium – POD-EX
Lectern Podium – POD-U
Lectern Podium – POD-UXL-V
Lectern Podium – POD-UXL
Lectern Podium – POD-LB36
Lectern Podium – POD-TR
Lectern Podium – POD-MUL
Notice Board
Notice Board
Notice Board Light

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    FastFlex FTLB 130


    The FastFlex FTLB 130 is our latest design for highly efficient  user friendly tensioning frame with integrated lightbox . The FastFlex FTLB 130 is based on a single closed hollow designed aluminum profile 130mm deep . A 10mm edge cover profile gives an almost 100% net sign face area. The FastFlex FTLB 130 belong’s to our new line of profiles design saving the need of support braces and support tubes can be fixed any where along the sign interior making it simple to assemble  . Using LED modules at the back or as side flood light  is easy, and the 130 mm depth making the FastFlex FTLB 130 highly energy saver as light spread is at its optimum.  One of the main advantages of the FastFlex systems is its tensioning clips. It is an extruded profiles cut to 50mm. Attaching the clips to the flex face material is also very simple, you fold the flex material on a guide line, place the clip on the fold and slide a simple PVC wedge inside, no special tools are required. The tension clip designed to lock itself to the tension frame profile harder as pushed inside and releasing the force from the wedge. Pushing the tension clips into the tension frame profile is easy with the tensioning tool or with a hammer and chisel/flat head screwdriver. Releasing the clips out is very easy with a flat screwdriver.